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Beginning initially with assisting each other on a few projects here and there, Robert A. Davey and his daughter Anita L. Davey eventually joined forces to form an environmentally sensitive research and consulting company. Bob's background as a Professional Engineer and Anita's in science and as a Professional Agrologist combine to create a formidable body of knowledge, useful especially in rural and remote areas.

wastewater systems principal

Robert A. Davey ACSM, President

A graduate mining engineer (1964) with over 40 years metalliferous mining and geotechnical experience in Canada and overseas, Bob Davey retired from professional engineering in 2006. He currently provides consulting expertise on wastewater treatment and disposal systems through Davey Consulting and Agrology and Advanced Environmental Inc., an environmental company holding the Canadian license for Biorock media.

Bob has extensive experience engineering the ground sciences for subdivision design, and designing environmentally sound and innovative methods of effluent waste disposal systems. Analysis of geotechnical assessments and slope studies from photo analysis and ground measurements for proposed mining operations and reclamation of previous mining sites also formed a large part of his experience.

wastewater systems principal
photo by Christi Kaye

Anita L. Davey, B.Sc P.Ag

  • Member of the British Columbia Institute of Agrologists of British Columbia (P.Ag)
  • Anita L. Davey graduated from the University of Victoria in 2000 with a degree in Geography, with special emphasis on ground resource and environmental systems, geomorphological analysis and geographical information systems.
Since graduation she has worked as a consultant on environmental remediation and sustainability, water flows and drainage studies. She is now fully responsible for design and certification of the company's filing, construction, supervision and registration of On-site Waste Water Systems under both British Columbia Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment Regulations.

Since joining the company Anita has provided emphasis on field remediation of effluents and the development of innovative technology using passive systems for remote applications and low energy consumption.

Prior to graduating Ms. Davey was employed in various capacities with resource companies completing field studies and analysing the results for furtherance to officers of the company, the government and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with statutory standards.

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