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Effluent Disposal Systems

Need a septic system? Make sure it's done properly the first time! Professional expertise on what system to use, where to install it, where to locate the "perc" test and how to interpret it — Bob Davey and his daughter Anita Davey have joined forces to cover all your bases.

Davey Consulting provides useful services for building contractors and homeowners alike, especially in rural or remote areas on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

From initial design to project management to certification which satisfies the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment, Davey Consulting & Agrology has the ability to do it all.

and if you haven't done it right in the first place......you will need:

Remediation necessitated by Failed Systems

Years of experience and training combine to provide cost-effective solutions to repair failed systems. Soil remediation, geomorphological evaluations and project supervision ensure environmentally responsible solutions.

Project Management - French Creek Seawall Stabilization

Rainwater Catchment and Management

American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association Our expertise as recognized and certified by the American Rainwater Catchment systems association includes observations, measurements and investigative procedures for all aspects of Surface water systems, Storm water management, Rainwater harvesting and retention with adequate sedimentation and storage capacity, estimations for rainwater supply and demand, the use of rainwater for both surface and residential use and the maintenance of the appropriate systems used in both the estimation, storage, treatment and disposal of rainwater systems.

Rounding out the portfolio, Bob Davey offers mining and project management services, as well as GPS and hydrological research.

Cornish Beam Engine Our logo is a Cornish Beam Engine Structure used in the 19th and 20th centuries for pumping water from deep mines in Cornwall, England. There are only a few remaining in the U.K. and they are genuine historical artifacts. This lithograph, which Bob Davey has used as his logo for years, dates from 1925.

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